Among all real estate agents I have worked with, Jeff is the best. He has extensive experience and is very knowledgeable about the current market condition. He is the one I picked after interviewed several agents. He and Aaron worked together to help me sell my condo. He set the right price for the current market. This team and their back-office support worked well against a tight schedule. From signing the listing agreement, through vacating the unit, staging, opening house, collecting offers, till closing the deal, the whole process was completed under two months. I got the top dollar above asking price. He is a true professional. I highly recommend him.
— HL
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"Buying a house in Seattle is NOT easy. The market is very competitive and buyers need a strong agent representing them through the entire process. I would consider myself and my husband to be high maintenance clients. We need to feel in control of the process, but still want a knowledgeable agent working on our behalf. Jeff McDonald was the perfect agent for us. He allowed us to take the lead when we wanted, but always offered his advice, opinions and strategies. He knew when to step in and make suggestions about price, must-haves and location, without allowing our core requirements to get lost in the mix. He knows the Seattle area like the back of his hand and helped us determine the best neighborhoods for our family. Jeff worked with us for over four months, several offers, countless open houses and many, many showings. He was always helpful, professional and on the lookout for the right home. Because of Jeff, my husband and I were able to buy our perfect house in an absolutely crazy Seattle real estate market. He was out of the country on vacation when we visited an open house and realized it was “THE” house. By phone, email and text Jeff instructed us on inspection options, price and what we could realistically expect. He wrote up and presented our offer and then helped us navigate (and negotiate) a multiple offer situation. I can’t imagine a better partner to have helped us through such an important transaction. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a real estate professional."
- Jacqueline M


"I worked with Jeff when I was purchasing a home in 2014. The whole buying process went very fast with Jeff and Jeff's team, three weeks between the day of offer to closing, because of his knowledge, responsiveness, and the ability to negotiate quickly. That makes such a difference in a competitive market. "

"Jeff McDonald was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the process of looking for a new home for our family, as well as the detail of a very complex contract negotiation. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a trusted real estate advisor with expertise representing both buyers and sellers."


"Being new to the home market, I wasn't sure what I was getting into and what to expect. I was lucky enough to learn about Jeff through a referral and now I have the opportunity to pass that referral on to others! Working with Jeff was excellent. He is experienced (he clearly explained to us the home viewing/buying process and what we should expect), knowledgeable (he knew a lot about the Seattle market and the housing trends in each of the neighborhoods), sharp (he would point out any issues with homes as we did walk throughs and picked up on things that we would miss), and tenacious (if we really had our hearts set on a home he would go after it and be our greatest advocate). He does not take on very many clients simultaneously, so it really felt like he was giving us his undivided attention. Ultimately, we found the perfect home, but it was off-market. In what was a very hot market, he was able to get in touch with the developer/seller, get in a pre-market offer, and close on the deal all within a couple months. I honestly didn't think we had a chance, but Jeff made it happen. With Jeff you will get a hardworking agent, who is in it for you and not for the sale. I highly recommend working with Jeff and his team!"


"Jeff McDonald is the best agent for the Seattle and Eastside areas. He fights very hard to win you deals and also get you top dollar for listings. He's very knowledgeable on the area and can find real gems once they are on the market and even off market."


"Jeff McDonald was very helpful, knowledgable, and professional throughout the process of looking for a new home for our family, as well as the detail of a very complex contract negotiation. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a trusted real estate advisor with expertise representing both buyers and sellers."


"Jeff acted for us when we were purchasing a home but also helped us previously when looking for a rental property. In both regards, he was sharp, knowledgable and very professional. Jeff is extremely familiar with all areas in Seattle which helped us immensely. Jeff was very committed and motivated to making sure all our buying needs were met. He responded quickly to calls, emails and smses. Jeff is very pleasant to deal with and we are happy to recommend him."

My wife and I made the difficult decision to sell our Seattle home of 30 years this past year. Having raised our kids there and established deep roots with our neighbors, as well as meticulously renovated, decorated and maintained this very unique house, it was essential that we find a real estate professional with the ability to go beyond just the act of selling the house; an agent who recognized the intrinsic added value of the property derived from our loving care. We were looking for an agent with a high emotional intelligence and professionalism. After interviewing four agents, one stood out and that was Jeff McDonald. Jeff presented himself as a true professional who would represent our needs with no hidden agendas of his own (a feeling we got when interviewing some other agents). Along with his partner Aaron Gazes, Jeff delivered. He was prompt in all of his responses, creative in his strategy and fought hard for realizing the value we saw in the house. When negotiations got testy, he didn’t blink, holding our ground and bottom line despite the challenges presented by the purchasers. In the end, Jeff demonstrated great flexibility in making sure we closed the deal and the sale in a timely manner. We would recommend Jeff and Aaron to anyone seeking to sell their special property. We found them to be exceptional in their service.
— Mr & Mrs Fraese